Return/Refund Policy

Orders are shipped on business days only (Monday-Friday, excluding Malaysia Public holidays). Estimated delivery time is 1-5 working days for West Malaysia and 7-14 for East Malaysia upon confirmation of payment & stock available. All shipments are processed in GT-MAX Motor HQ Shah Alam.

1.Part replacement will be done on complimentary basis for affected vehicles ONLY. Any request for cash reimbursement will not be entertained.

2.Acceptance of your booking for any particular Vehicle, parts or service shall be subject to the final determination by GT-Max

3.Purchase price Purchase price wherever appearing in this Terms of Sale shall be construed to be the price of Vehicle at the time of delivery. (Note: the price of the Vehicle may change due to inter alia change in government approved net selling price, standard accessories’ prices, duties and taxes, freight rates, etc. The cost of this increase shall be included into the price of the Vehicle at the time of delivery.) All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia unless otherwise indicated. In the event you choose to purchase additional accessories from our Sales outlets, the purchase price shall also include price of accessories.

4.Booking Fees · Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, booking fee paid shall for all intents and purposes be treated as a deposit. · Booking fees paid is not, in any circumstances whatsoever, transferable whether to another person(s) or for the purchase of a different vehicle and shall only be utilised towards the purchase price (as defined herein) upon the completion of sale by you.

5.General Disclaimers · GT-Max shall not be liable for any loss suffered by you as a result of any damage whatsoever caused to the Vehicle once the registration of the Vehicle is completed. · GT-Max reserves the right to amend, delete or alter any of the terms and conditions herein stated as it may in its absolute discretion deem expedient. · Although GT-Max shall use its best endeavours to obtain the Vehicle from the relevant parties, GT-Max disclaims all its liabilities and shall not be held responsible for any loss suffered by you monetary or otherwise, as a result of the unavailability of the Vehicle ordered for purchase.