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[ Yamalube Chainlube - (P/N: 90793-AH814) (70ml) ]

- 100% Original from Hong Leong Yamaha

- Prevent the chain of motorcycle from stretching and being rusty

- Suitable for all type of chains

- Appropriate level of viscosity

- Maintain chain performance

- Prevent influence of dust


- Clean up the inside of your engine with Yamalube Motorcycle Carbon Cleaner

- Recover original engine performance

- Clears the valve and piston to deliver optimal performance to your Yamaha motorcycle

- Cleaner exhaust emission

- Better fuel efficiency and engine vibration reduction

[ Notes for all customers: ]

- Courier tak terima penghantaran barangan ini ke Sabah & Sarawak

[ Directions: ]

1) Shake well before use.

2) Insert nozzle extension tube and spray close to chain.

3) Do not use when engine is running or when the exhaust system is hot.

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